Allied Hydromulch was established in 1990 to serve property owners, contractors, and government entities in soil erosion protection and landscape beautification. With offices located in Friendswood, Texas we serve all of Texas, and Louisiana and have the facilities to perform our services anywhere in the Southern United States.

Allied Hydromulch specializes in the final steps of your project. For soil erosion protection our processes include hydro-mulch seeding, soil retention blanket installation, application of soil sealing agents, drill seeding, sod installation, and many other soil erosion protection systems. For landscape beautification we can provide a plush, thickly carpeted lawn by several methods including hydromulch seeding, hydromulch sprigging, broadcast seeding sod installation, and fertilization.

Allied Hydromulch is available for consultation at any time, and welcomes your call for specification assistance, or bid requests. All of our work is guaranteed, and no project is too small, or too large. Please call us for your next project, we are certain you will be glad you did.

Hydro-mulching, sometimes referred to as hydro-seeding is a process used for planting grasses, and other seeds used for soil erosion protection, and landscape beautification. This process is fast, efficient, and economical, and just as effective as sodding.

The process begins by preparing a batch of material consisting of mulch, ( a product of wood cellulose, or specially prepared wood fiber ), seed, fertilizer, and water. The products are mixed in a hydro-mulching machine, and then pumped from the tank, and sprayed onto the ground. After being sprayed onto the prepared soil, the material appears as a green foam, or soil coating. The hydro-mulch material performs a number of different functions which are the keys to the success of this process. As the mulch dries, it forms a micro-environment protecting the seed bed from the elements. It moderates the impact of rain drops, provides erosion resistance, and most importantly, in dry or drought conditions reduces moisture evaporation from the soil.

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